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Let us help

We can assist with all sorts of jobs:
- Furniture
- Appliances
- Commercial Moves
- Long Haul & Intercity Moves
- Rubbish Removal
- Pickup & Delivery of large items
- WINZ Approved, ask us for a quote
- Serving the North Island & South Island areas
We aim to be recognised and regarded as top movers. We service all of New Zealand including the greater North Island and South Island areas.

Get in touch with us for any moving services.

Furniture Moving

When you need to move furniture across the country or across town, Movestuff Limited can help. Whether it’s a family heirloom or furniture you purchased online or the whole house lot.
Movestuff Limited know how difficult it can be to move furniture when it needs rearranging, or delivery. Our furniture moving service will help you to get rid of any stress you may face while moving. Our professional furniture movers will ensure the secure and accurate relocation of all kinds of furniture. We provide highly effective long haul and intercity moving services.
Furniture Moving Benefits Our Clients Get
No Hidden Fees. Our prices are customized to each individual situation. Our Quoted price is our final price.
No Stress or Hustle. With our friendly and experienced furniture movers you don't need to worry about relocating your belongings. Let us take care of all furniture moving needs so you can rest easy knowing that you've hired a team of professional furniture movers.
Qualified Staff. Our company's reputation is of primary importance to us, therefore we provide only the best in moving services. This way we know you'll want to recommend us to your friends and family, and be confident that they'll be as satisfied with our moving service as you were.
Affordable Furniture Moving. We have moved many clients, homes, and pieces of furniture. We know all the most effective and efficient methods for transporting your belongings, which puts us in the position to service clients with a wide range of budgets and requirements.
Movestuff Limited offer local and long-distance furniture moving services. You can contact us any time, and we will answer any question you might have about furniture moving. Let us take care of moving your furniture for a stress free move.

Moving Checklist

Be Prepared!
  1. Dismantle Beds, tape legs to bed base.
  2. Bedding & Linen can be placed in boxes or heavy duty 'rubbish' bags.
  3. Dressers - remove small loose items and mirrors.
  4. Fridges - empty everything, don't worry about cleaning the inside.
  5. Boxes - use strong boxes, tape both top and bottom, indicate 'up' direction.
    1. Try to place boxes in a front room with easy access.​
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