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If you have any questions or requirements please get in touch. We will be happy to advise.
Get in touch via the contact form or pickup the phone and talk to Phil.
We typically operate 9 to 5 Monday to Friday, but are happy to accomodate your requirements. 

Let us help

We can assist with all sorts of jobs:
- Furniture
- Appliances
- Commercial Moves
- Rubbish Removal
- Pickup & Delivery of large items
- WINZ Approved, ask us for a quote
- Serving the North Island area
We service the greater North Island area, from Kaitaia down to Wellington and everywhere in-between.
Get in touch with us for any moving services.

Moving Checklist

Be Prepared!
  1. Dismantle Beds, tape legs to bed base.
  2. Bedding & Linen can be placed in boxes or heavy duty 'rubbish' bags.
  3. Dressers - remove small loose items and mirrors.
  4. Fridges - empty everything, don't worry about cleaning the inside.
  5. Boxes - use strong boxes, tape both top and bottom, indicate 'up' direction.
    1. Try to place boxes in a front room with easy access.​